Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lament for the Levant

Their minds threw up flowers
tears chased away dizzy bombs and bullets
they gave away their smiles even to dull strangers
Passers-by always got to taste
their evergreen zaa'tar and olives

but damn it! red is still red
borders drawn by red sharp rulers
are still haunted with open wounds
now their chests hold not hearts
but cullenders

Levant's ancient books and tablets
adrift in ruby waves from electronic outbursts
scream in vain, even the silkworms
and leaves listen

flood soaked justice and wisdom
drip occasional ceasefire
but these lands are now bloated
so are the heads with ceaseless pain
caused by the stitches on our hopes

how about grandpas' strawberry harvest

1 comment:

Mohamed Abdelnasser said...

It feels sad but I see hope, I see pain but also compassion...

In the end we make our own destiny for a life given to us in pure form, stain it or paint it.

I say no man wants to live this with or without a past, yet tyrants and devils pry on and confuse the masses.

I like the mix of emotions it made me feel!